No comments on daughter-in-law’s story | Yuvraj Singh’s mom

Akansha Sharma Big Boss

Only a few have come to know about Akansha Sharma, 23 years old Delhi girl who revealed about her broken marriage to Yuvraj Singh’s brother Zorawar Singh.


On the reality TV show Bigg Boss, speaking about the marriage Akansha said that the marriage lasted only for 4 months, after which she directly moved out of the house. She doesn’t elaborated on the topic much but directly accused her mom-in-law Shabnam Singh for ill-treating her and for a failed marriage.

On this Shabnam Singh said that this is sub judicial and Akansha is not allowed to speak. Anyone can understand the agenda here and everybody knows it. ” Reacting on the allegations she said it is always somebody who is blamed for a broken marriage, so this time its me….. I have no objectations regarding this. “ Even I have story of my side, but I don’t want to get into any mud-slinging.”

Surprised that Akansha had decided to speak up after 2 and half years, Shabnam adds,” People must know that we were the first ones who filed the divorce but we had some really strong reasons. If she has to take any actions against my cruelty, she could have filed a case back then. She is speaking now because she has a platform else she wouldn’t have said the same.”