New Movie | Gurdas Maan to produce ‘Nankana’ on Sikh History |

Gurdas Maan Movie Nankana

Gurdas Mann is going to produce a movie this time and considering its name, the movie is expected to be a Sikh History epic but expect great songs and picturisation, knowing the hugely talented superstar veteran of Punjabi film industry. Gurdaas Mann is a living legend in Punjab and we epect him to take any project with all the talent and passion he has.

The film has been titled as ‘Nankana’ and it will be produced under ‘Sai Production’ – the home production of Gurdas Maan. As the name suggest, the story of ‘Nankana’ will be based on the sikh holy shrine ‘Nankana Sahib’, that is located in Pakistani Punjab.

‘Nankana’ will be directed by Manjeet Maan (wife of Gurdas Maan) and his son, Gurikk Maan will be act as assistant director of the film. ‘Sai production’ was earlier managed by Gurdas Maan’s dear friend Manoj Punj, who died recently.

Looking forward to this movie on a shrine so dear to all Punjabis.

As reported earlier, Gurdas Maan has also partnered with Delhi-based Now Capital firm to launch a restaurant brand ‘The Studio – by Gurdas Maan’. It will highlight both culinary and performing arts, providing a fine-dining experience combined with especially produced and curated live musical performances.

The menu will highlight Punjabi cooking through a ‘farm to fork’ approach. The music will range from live improvised collaborations between established artistes promoting the organic and natural feel of live music, to planned musical-theatre productions that will feature new and upcoming talent.