Heritage Nanakshahi bricks for Golden Temple Premises Beautification

NanakShahi Bricks

: The state government and agencies involved in the beautification of the route to the  has decided to use heritage Nanakshahi bricks with red sand stone and motifs of flower in white colour, dropping the idea of having an earthern colour n the line of Hazaratganj in Lucknow.

Officials associated with the project said Deputy CM is personally monitoring the project and the motive is to give a heritage look to the facade.

Contractors executing the project have been strictly asked to use Nanakshahi bricks. The demand of bricks has shot up in the market with widespread use of the centuries old bricks on the beautification of this stretch to the Golden Temple. These bricks, which are easily identified by their small size, would offer a pristine look to the devotees.

Even as the ordinary brick is available for Rs 4.20 in the retail market, an old Nanakshahi is sold at double the price. These Nanakshahi bricks, available in 4”x4” and 4”x6’’ sizes, are sourced from old and dilapidated houses being demolished in the walled city.

PWD, Executive Engineer, Jasbir Singh Sodhi said Nanakshahi bricks an aesthetic look which do not come from ordinary bricks.

Earlier, the Union Ministry of Tourism granted an ambitious project to bring uniformity in the facade of the approach of a stretch of the holiest Sikh shrine.