MyWords | Winter is coming and we couldn’t be happier!


Winter is almost here – chill in the air, cozy feet in a woollen pair of socks, hot midnight coffee, leather jackets and boots, warm fur blankets – everything is here! During the looooong summers we have here at Chandigarh (believe me, loooong), the thing I had been waiting for is the arrival of Winter months! The merely three months of winter in which I won’t have to worry about the tan and sweaty clothes and that the temperature outside is touching a freaking 500 degrees!

There are a thousand reasons everybody should to love winters, here are a few –

  • You can layer the shit out of every outfit.

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  • Scarves are a pretty treat to your attire!

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  • Not in mood for the gym? Well, you have a perfect excuse – Cold mornings!

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  • Eating more and staying warm is the funda. 

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  • Perfect winter weight hiding technique – the woooooolly jumpers!

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  • Being able to snuggle up under a huge blanket while watching TV is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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  • You can drink ALL of the hot chocolate.

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  • And you can drink a loooooooot more coffee.

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And going with the Game of Thrones reference (totally love it!), winter is finally coming and I wish it would stay!