Must Watch | ‘Dangal’ by Amir Khan – Dedicated to daughters | Official Trailer

Dangal Trailer Wrestlng Movie

The much awaited trailer of wrestling biopic Dangal released on Thursday and proved why the movie is so much talked about.

Six girls from Phogat family of Balali village of Bhiwani district in Haryana defied all odds to be world class wrestlers. And there was one man who made sure that they don’t fall short of achieving their targets.”Based on an incredible true story.” The Dangal movie trailer released on Thursday (October 20) describes the life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and daughters in those words.

Aamir, 51, plays wrestler Mahavir Phogat who wants to train his son to be a wrestler like him. The only problem – he has four daughters, no son. He seems disappointed till he realises one day – “choriyan choro se kam nahi – छोरियाँ छोरो से कम नही”

Dangal then chronicles the journey of this family through the world of wrestling and how they overcome not only competition but societal prejudice and  patriarchal beliefs about traditional norms of gender.

The grand story of Mahavir is not only about the two daughters – Geeta and Babita. He has coached his six daughters (two adopted) and all of them have brought success at international level. Mahavir, a passionate wrestler who failed to reach the top level of the game in India, made sure his daughters being the glory which he failed to.

Three of them have represented India at the Olympics. One of them is on the verge of making her senior debut international while the other two are taking big strides at the junior level and all of this from a state that is, notorious for female infanticide and one of worst sex ratio in the world.

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