Mumbai gets free wifi before Delhi, Kejriwal trolled for broken promises

Mumbai gets free wifi before Delhi

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Monday announced the largest public Wi-Fi service in Mumbai with 500 Wi-Fi live hotspots across the city.

Delhi folks were clearly upset with Mumbai beating them in the game despite AAP’s leader and CM Arvind Kejriwal electoral promise of free wifi across the national capital. They mocked Kejriwal and made fun of his promises.


Devendra Fadnavis Mumbai has become the first Indian city to have WiFi connectivity in public places. The state activated 500 hotspots on Monday just before the BMC polls. The service will be free until the end of this month. It will then be free up to 100MB, after which users will be charged at comparative rates that are yet to be finalised.

The project will cost the state exchequer Rs194 crore for the first five years. Government officials said it remains to be seen if this will work at a later stage. Concerns are also being expressed over its misuse by hackers. Officials insisted they have used the best technology to make its safe for people.

To find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, Mumbaikars can visit here. “Feel free to share feedback/issues at #twitter handle @AS_Mum_WiFi,” said Fadnavis.

It means at these 500 locations, which includes tourist spots, railway stations, important junctions and educational institutions, people can use WiFi services that will be free until January 31 as part of the first phase of the project.

In the second phase, 1,200 WiFi hotspots will be activated by May 1, 2017, Fadnavis said.