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So Raees Alam runs an illegal alcohol empire in a Gujarat in the prohibition era; ACP Majmudar is in charge of toppling him off his high position. By interval, our small-time goon goon has become a  messiah for poor downtrodden masses – with a streak of grey of course, not unlike how Bollywood has glorified Dawood Ibrahim and many other smuggler-terrorists in the past.


Overall theme of the movie is a that of a goon with a heart of gold, a sort of desi Robin Hood but the movie utter fails to balance the good with bad, ends up glorifying the criminal.  Raees is shown as he emerges as a trustworthy do-gooder, a doting family man – Raees woos and marries Aasiya (Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan) and becomes a loving father.

Shah Rukh Khan plays the titular character of a goon who starts from harmless Ponzi schemes but graduates to pre-planned rackets and becomes the top bootlegger of his town. Our Raees soon starts erasing the line between right and wrong in his quest for becoming the top don!

When ACP Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is posted in his area, he find challenges to his rule. Raees forms a nexus with politicians who fuel his business, but he soon becomes the thorn in their side.

Mahira Khan doesn’t have much of a role, except as an arm candy of our criminal hero. She  does occasionally appeals to the latter’s good senses but her acting skills are limited and she did not even have much role to play with.

With dialogues like, “main dhanda karta hoon, dharm ka dhanda nahi karta,” the movie attempts to make a political statement, glorifying a Muslim goon who’s not ‘dharmic’.

Like any other SRK movie, it’s over the top, dialogues ‘Thaane Ki Chai’ are interesting. Watch if you are SRK fan but Avoid if you can!

Rating: 2/5