Mona Singh of ‘Jassi Jassi koi Nahin’ fame to be seen in a US TV show

Mona Singh of 'Jassi Jassi koi Nahin' fame approached for a US TV show

Mona Singh, who is currently hosting a comedy show, is known for her vivacious personality and is a popular anchor on Indian television. Apparently, her acting skills haven’t gone unnoticed in the West as well.
According to a source, the actor was recently approached by the makers of a popular television show in the US.

“Mona was approached by a popular channel for their political and legal drama series. It seems the actor was offered the role of a new Indian character, who would replace the lead investigator of the show Kalinda Sharma, who was earlier played by Archie Panjabi. However, Mona had to regretfully turn the offer down as it clashed with the dates of her other commitments in India,” reveals the source.

The source added that Mona was one of the actors who were shortlisted for the new role that the producers wanted to replace Kalinda’s character with. “Ever since Archie Panjabi’s exit from the show, the producers have been on the lookout for an Indian face,” says the source. Mona, who is best known for playing Jassi in the TV show, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, could not be reached for comment.

We will update you on the news once we get more details.