Modi’s remarks on Balochistan is making Pakistanis mad!

Pakistan Protest against Modi

QUETTA – Unsurprisingly, state-sponsored protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement regarding Balochistan have erupted in various Pakistani cities.

According to details, locals living in Chaman, Dalbadin, Sibi and Nushki took to the street against ‘Indian interference’ in and statement of Modi.

Large number of people participated in rallies and chanted slogans against Modi. The enraged citizens also set Modi’s statue ablaze and demanded the concerning department to launch action into the matter.

They also urged the Pakistani government to take Modi’s statement seriously.

The remarks of Modi had also been criticized by Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto who termed them highly provocative, irresponsible and inflammatory for the people of Pakistan.

On August 15, Indian , Modi termed Pakistan as a supporter of terrorism and asserted that people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Kashmir have thanked him a lot in past few days and he is grateful to them.

Modi also said that Indians “also cried” when children in Peshawar were killed in the APS attack in December 2014.

“This is our nature, but look at the other side. They glorify terrorists,” Modi accused.
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