“Did Modi force AAP minister Sandeep Kumar?”: Akali Dal slams Kejriwal

Akali Dal Badal

Asking Kejriwal “not to hide behind the façade of victimization”, SAD leaders asked him to “explain if any political opponent of AAP had “forced” his minister Sandeep Kumar to get into a compromising position with two women. Kejriwal is fond of blaming the honorable Prime Minister whenever the law proceeds against any of his legislators.”

One-third of AAP MLAs face criminal cases, says SAD. Akali Dal leaders asking Kejriwal to explain why it is only his ministers and legislators are accused of forging law degrees?

Thursday Sandeep Kumar of AAP (who has also been sacked as minister) was slammed over the “sex tape scandal of minister for woman and child development”.

In a statement on Thursday, party spokespersons Maheshinder Singh Grewal and Daljit Singh Cheema said “Sandeep Kumar’s was one among the long line of crimes of the Delhi AAP legislative party including lying, cheating, wife beating, sexual misconduct and raking up of communal tensions”.

Stating that “one-third of AAP MLAs in Delhi, including chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and Assembly Speaker Ram Nivas Goyal, had criminal cases pending against them”, SAD leaders asked AAP to “tell Punjabis if this was the leadership they aimed to replicate in Punjab”.

“ Can he really explain why it is only his ministers and legislators who are accused of forging law degrees, land grabbing, sexual molestation and even inciting communal tensions by masterminding desecration of holy books,” stated Akali Dal leaders.