Miracle: World’s first baby born with “3-parents”


A controversial technique that uses DNA from three parents has resulted in the first-ever birth of a child, a team of American scientists in Mexico confirmed Tuesday.

The technology allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies and, while not approved in the United States, is legal in the United Kingdom. But the birth of the child, whose Jordanian parents were treated by a US-based team in Mexico, should fast-forward progress around the world, say embryologists.

Everything you want to know about three-parent babies.


Fertility experts hailed the breakthrough as “great news and a huge deal” for the future of reproduction.

But they expressed concern that it was only achieved because US scientists crossed the border to Mexico to take advantage of lax regulation.

And critics last night accused the scientists of taking “outrageous” and “unethical” steps in order to achieve the world first.John Zhang holds the world's first 'three-parent' baby 

The boy’s mother carries genes for Leigh syndrome, a fatal disorder that affects the developing nervous system. The disease caused the deaths of their first two children.The couple sought out the help of John Zhang and his team at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City.

Dr Dusko Ilic, a reader in stem cell science at King’s College London, said: “This is great news and a huge deal – it’s revolutionary.”

He described the child’s birth as an “ice-breaker” which was likely to be swiftly followed.

“The baby is reportedly healthy. Hopefully, this will tame the more zealous critics, accelerate the field, and we will witness soon a birth of the first mitochondrial donation baby in the UK.”