Manufacturing of OnePlus 3T to start in India in early 2017

oneplus 3T

In hopes of keeping up with the increasing demand of OnePlus’s sales in India, the company will soon start manufacturing its devices in India.

In a recent interview, Vikas Agarwal, general manager at OnePlus India, said that the production of the OnePlus 3T will kick off in the country early next year — sometime in Q1. Agarwal said that OnePlus has already lost 30 percent of OnePlus 3T sales in India due to stock-outs. By bringing production to India in 2017, the company hopes to put an end to this issue.

OnePlus did not reveal who exactly will be manufacturing the devices for them in India though. But the company did mention that it plans to work with multiple partners, with Foxconn possibly being one of them.

OnePlus only recently released the 3T in India. The device, which retails for Rs. 29,999 (64 GB) and Rs. 34,999 (128 GB), is in high demand and has already received 200,000 registrations on Amazon India. Based on the numbers, we can see why OnePlus would want to start manufacturing its devices in the sub-continent. It just makes good business sense.