MannatSpeak | You are the ‘Society’

You are the Society

Have you ever been a victim of the sentence, “This kind of stuff does not happen in our society.” In the years that we’ve lived we’ve fallen prey to the whole “log kya kahenge” deal more than anything. And frankly there needs to be an end to this. 


Our lives are inundated with practicality and productivity. We’re brought up thinking that if there’s no purpose to something, there’s no point in doing it. But In reality the best things in life have no purpose. 

That’s not what the “society” tells us. Because “society” needs validation, without which nothing seems to be acceptable and the person is, pretty much, called a ‘freak’. Just ‘cause he’s different.


We sacrifice our time and our sanity doing what we don’t want to do, so at some future point we will create the freedom to do what we love. Living on a string of hope that maybe, just maybe, someday it’ll be accepted or reciprocated. 


Don’t dig yourself a hole you cant crawl out of. If you’ve made the decision of giving in, on the hope that maybe it’ll compensate in the future. My friend, that’s never going to happen.


We seek happiness in things. We seek happiness in the acceptance of others, in material possessions, in social status. We even search for happiness in some future-promised afterlife. We sabotage ourselves and our entire lives because we fail to understand a very simple but easily overlooked fact.

And honestly, we live in a society that blames everybody else for its wrongs. 

When a person suffers from a mental block or problem, we call it insanity or delusions. But when the entire society suffers from it, we call it being normal.


It all boils down to one thing- ‘Ye “society” haikaun?!” Its us, you, me and the very people who hide behind this excuse. YOU are the society. And Gandhi Ji rightly said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Don’t follow through with the set norms and parameters, just because they’ve been passed on from generations forward. Make your own rules. 

Nothing is too broken to find a way back. So whether you step up, or not, the circle never stops.