MannatSpeak: Winter Hacks!


There is literally nothing worse than leaving your warm-warm, extra soft blanket early in the morning on a cold wintery morning. And trying to get yourself to be motivated to work out on that cold morning and bring yourself to spring out of that cozy bed is next to, no scratch that, beyond impossible.


The only motivation I have for is curling up like a fur-ball, hiding underneath all that lovely wool and avoiding life.

But, do you really want all that sweat to go waste and that hot hot summer body to sag because of the winter? Really? You’ll let the cold win?

NO. don’t let it all go down the drain, move your cold butt of the bed and drag it to do things it should be doing to look all sassy in that leather jacket of yours and that tight little jegging its meant to rock.


1. While packing up your stuff  for the day take your work-out equipment with you.

You will literally have no excuse then to back out or avoid. Because you know, going back home, near that magnetic bed of yours would be the end of you. And admit it or not, you will succumb to the temptation.

2. If its too cold outside, like really, the types that your face freezes the minute you walk out. Don’t give  up.

DO NOT even think about relishing the winter as an excuse. Get your soggy body warmed up, watch a few ‘do-it-at-home’ videos and get on with it. Keep squattin’ girl!

3. This one you might like because it involves eating.

Yes, eat Soup, as much as you can and whichever one you may like or enjoy. Its delicious, nice, keeps your pot-hole of a tummy full and is healthy.

4. If you love your indoors so much, make the most of them.

Don’t be such a couch potato and keep sitting and waiting for stuff to happen, move around inside as much as possible. Give your seat or bed a break and walk around for a bit, maybe make the trip to the kitchen for that soup!

5. Do yoga. –tries to do the surya namaskar- -fails-

No really, yoga is recognized to be one of the healthiest forms of exercises. It’ll stretch your body, increase flexibility and calm your mind. AND you don’t have to go even 5meters away from your bed.

6. You could start your way with warm liquids.

Like a warm glass of water, that speeds up your metabolism real fast and I best no one would mind warm water in a cold dreary morning.

7. If you eat well now, you can binge eat when the festivities are around the corner without feeling guilty.

Try the basics, like switch aerated drinks with non-airy ones. Fresh juice demand goes up really well during the season.  You could try to squeeze out some on your own.

8. Buddy-system!

Get yourself a friend, or more like, a torture buddy who you can drag down to hell with you in these torturous sessions. That way you’d be motivated and you’d not have an excuse of backing out.

That way you can get your hot summer body on and be twinning together in no time. 😉