MannatSpeak | Do it your way; ​​when you’re 20 something

​​when you are 20 something
When you’re 20 something
1. Reading should be your refuge. 

Whenever life seems tough to the core or you’ve had a fight with your friends and feel like there’s nothing left to do in life- pick up a book; it still is the best friend you’ve got. You can keep going back to it over and over and it still wont leave your side.


2. Find a hobby (minus the world of electronics)

No, I have not come up with an extremely insane and unrealistic idea. Surprisingly its quite relaxing to live without your devices for a few hours. When you feel like you spend more time just staring at your phone slouching like a couch potato, you know its time for an intervention. Find something that excites your mind, anything- writing, a sport, cooking, making music, whatever it might be. Do it!


3. Stop with “the world needs to know whatever i’m doing”

Not everything you do needs to be put online for the world to know. Hell sometimes they’re not interested in the food you eat nor do they wonder that you saw the sky much different than they did. Nobody wants to know if you visited the mall 3rd time this week. If it matters so much then make a journal and keep it as a memory, for yourself!


4. To pick your battles. 

When you get older (and a little wiser) you need to figure out where to speak what and when to withhold. Find the balance between saying what you feel and letting it go when necessary. You don’t need someone to tell you you’re right every single time.


5. Be okay with the fact that your future isn’t laid out in a perfect palate for you. 

Don’t panic thinking that your future is filled with you sitting in a corner sipping on hot chocolate curled up in a blanket watching Bridget Jones Diary. No, its okay to go with the flow, unprepared because not ever have things always gone as planned. And maybe what the future holds is much better than what you could’ve hoped for!


6. Learn to speak whats on your mind. 

You’re allowed to have an opinion. Don’t hold back on something you’re really passionate about. Not everyone may agree with you. If we all agreed on everything then this would be a really boring time to live in. The view you hold may not be something everybody agrees upon but that’s okay, they don’t have to.


7. Everyone deserves to splurge a little on something they’d probably only use once.

Owning one pair of killer heels. And this is coming from someone who LOATHES wearing heels. I would actually rather go barefoot than wear heels. But I do have a great pair of heels for emergencies (or when i’m feeling girlyy). But just make sure you can actually walk in them & they can be worn for multiple occasions…not for dance photo shoots…in bright red…found hidden in the back of your closet….


8. Learn to do something out of bounds. 

Donate/spend time for a cause that means something to you. Whether it’s come across your radar through social media and dumping an ice bucket over your head or for something closer to your heart- make the effort to do something meaningful for someone other than you.


9. If you’re losing friends, then youre doing it right.

Everyone is growing up and growing apart…and that’s okay! Some will stay and some will go. It’s completely okay if you seem to be losing out on a few people who you thought would last forever. Because as you grow older, your circle gets smaller, you’re left behind with just those who really would be there for you not just with you.


10. Rich and travel should not be life goals.

Go to an event of band unheard of or drop water balloons down on people of the street at 2 AM or meet up a friend you’ve been meaning to call since long; but for Gods sake stop believing in the idea that tons of money or that travelling all the time is what you need to have incredible adventures and make your life mean something. Because that’s just not true.