MannatSpeak | Relationship – Time and Beyond

MannatSpeak Relationship Time and Beyond

Over a few years I’ve been watching, analyzing why the best of the best people in a relationship end it; how the ‘forever’ slowly fades away. And the ones meant “for life” decide to drift away. 

I, for one, believe in the simplicity of ‘always’. And I don’t ever see how one could ever choose to let go of someone they love, completely. Or grow out of being with them. 

Plenty of relationships break down in the transition period between school-college and post-college. It’s a period in life that’s usually riddled by indecision, change and, most importantly, love.

It so happens that when someone decides to get into a relationship in that phase, like anything in the world, the foundation of it determines its strength. Whatever you do in the beginning will confer your course. Well that usually can go wrong too.

Nothing with too high standards in the very start would last very long. It is said “don’t try to run before you can walk” and its as true as can be. The whole initial interaction cant begin for the reason of the car rides and costly gift exchange or the continuous pampering. Because honestly when you get too used to it, you want it all. Every time. Forever. And that my friend, is where the bubble needs to burst. No one, not a single soul can do that for you for the rest of their life. Sometime or the other, the reality of life and practicalities of it will set in. giving the “honeymoon period” a major thrust that can send any long term or “solid” relationship over the edge. 

More than convenience, you need to click. Just when you think that no one can match your passions, which range from worldwide puppy rescue to scarfing food in your face, while simultaneously handling the ongoing banter. 

The most wonderful part of it all is watching how someone lights up while listening to you talk about your passions, what makes you tick and genuinely want to hear them out. Yourelucky to have someone like that. Really. 

Instead of discovering what new lengths you can go to impress one another, discover your mutual interests and develop them. That’s how you’d never run out of feelings for one another because nothing would ever be stagnant. Ever-changing. 

One of the most interesting, intriguing and scary is seeing how you fit in with the others family. (‘cause the movies have got it right. Its as dramatic as ever. The ranting and hyperventilating. Hahah! When you feel like a part of the family and got along with everyone. Having those people in your life feel like an extended family, which makes the prospect of letting go so much harder than you can anticipate.

You don’t lose one person; but all those who you genuinely cared for, and still care for you. So, you’re left wondering, what was the build up to the end?


Nevertheless, what’s meant to be will last by trying; as long as the trying doesn’t lead to self-destruction. (Yup I made that up, hoping I see it floating around in a around of statuses LOL!)

The slow decay of any relationship leads to some serious resentment on both sides. Neither of the two say what is meant or what is felt, and that is just plain unhealthy.


When someone puts down your dreams and goals, and then promptly tells you why theirs would be successful, and not yours, it needs to end. When they can’t say they want to be with you, and only you, it needs to end. When you start wondering, “Is this normal?,” it needs to end.


If you’re reading this because you’re thinking about breaking it off with a significant other but are afraid; then let it sink in. If losing someone worries you more than having them around then stay. But if not, then you know its time to not lead on a half-full love. Life is too short for that.