MannatSpeak on Relationship | Little things that add up to everything

Little things that add up to everything

She doesn’t need much. Or wants much. Least of all the things she could get for herself.
So, here’s to the little things that add up to everything.

She needs someone with words set in stone and a mind wide open. To be shown what chivalry looks like, attention seems like, actions look like and passion feels like. To be someone’s “only”. Not selective availability but exclusivity.

Different traits carry different weights. That doesn’t mean lower standard of expectations, but that she knows the true worth of things that actually matter and are to be bothered about.

We all know we’re not perfect, her too. But that’s not a good enough excuse anymore. How much longer can your flaws be able to mask your flaws?

She deserves your best, as do you hers. A love that doesn’t break under the weight of an argument is what she desires. What she deserves.

Do what you would want for her, if you were she. And dare not that which you wouldn’t be able to stand being done to you.

Watch her from a distance and see her run towards you through the rain, the face she makes while sipping her favorite drink or flip her hair off one shoulder, while the weight of the world confidently rests on the other. And tell her that you do, ‘cause she’s always hoping.

She’s beautiful in the simplest state. And you’d know that if you were in love with her just as much as she is otherwise you’d expect this kind of love only in books if you’re not.

Tell her “You being you, is at times more than I can take. Don’t try any more, ‘cause you possibly cant fall any further.” Shake off her fears; make her let go of all the doubts.

Look into her eyes and speak to her soul that it is her who matters, over all others; you don’t want any of this without her.

‘Cause honestly, outside of ‘us’ she doesn’t need much either. In a heartbeat she’d do it for you.

And tell me if all this was meant for you to read or hear would ever want someone to hold back? So why hold back from her?

Show her what you want to say and maybe, in that moment, you’ll see her believe in something other than herself again.