MannatSpeak on Relationship | ​Not everything has to make sense

Relationship | ​Not everything has to make sense

To make sense out of something is the biggest confusion of it all.
While trying to figure out life and trying derive some meaning out of it, some sense out of it is what actually holds you back.

There is so much more to make sense out of than life as a whole. Make sense of your feelings, your thoughts (and let them be your own!) Make way for your thoughts, likes and dislikes; list them all and try to sort out which is why. Figure out things that you value and even those that you don’t so much and decipher reasons as to why;what could be the reason.

You may never know whether or not you’re ‘meant’ to be in the city you live in, but you will live there anyway, because you have chosen to. You won’t know whether or not you’re meant to be with someone until you try to be. You will keep seeking comfort in the things that hurt you because you’ve yet to step into the discomfort of something new. Something better. Something unknown and foreign and not aligned with what you once thought you wanted.

That does not make it wrong, or bad, it just means you didn’t anticipate it. You didn’t know well enough to have chosen it.

There are things which will seem crystal clear to you and then there are those which will look nothing but a hazy picture; and left are those which will be born from regret and you’d look back wishing you did it.

Sometimes the point is to experience the unknown and confusion. What arises from your uncertainty is sometimes more important than not having been certain in the first place.

There is no limit for your mind to wander, there is a world even beyond the skies! So trace the lines of your thinking, find the genesis of your innermost beliefs and make sure they’re really yours. Don’t let just figuring out the “whys” and “ifs” hold you back from actually living what could be a beautifully sorted yet interesting journey one would call ‘life’.