MannatSpeak on relationship | ​Never gonna give you up!

relationship ​Never gonna give you up


Nowadays the whole meaning of ‘relationship’ has changed.  Its like a bus ride; people keep hopping on and off till they reach their destination instead of choosing the one that leads you straight to it. 

I don’t blame anyone honestly, but it is kind of sad that the concept of being with someone just isn’t the same anymore, more so because one longer knows what to relate it to. No two relationships are the same I agree, but no one knows what a good one looks like either; one that is made to last. The last stop.

So this is a version of what a healthy relationship should look like, for those who can relate, cheers to you!


1. When you experience disagreements, make sure that you respect your partner’s differences. This does not allow you to disrespect your partner out in public or in front of friends and family. Always show respect especially when you have a disagreement. There will be times where you don’t agree on an issue and it will be how you handle this issue as a team that will make all the difference in the world.
2. Trust what your partner tells you. Even if you usually don’t agree, hear them out and then think in peace as to why they’re saying it again and again? There must be some reason behind it, something that bothers your partner shouldn’t be there in the first place. 
3. The couples who help each other out with the tiniest of things go a long way. Be it in a crisis or with a college project; it’s the thought that counts which turns into a gesture. 
4. Being the happiest with who you have. If your partner is all you need, then you’re done for life. I don’t mean it in a negative way that you shouldn’t want your friends or anything but if you have friend who turned their back on you and didn’t look back even once. Then appreciate your partner who didn’t leave your side during the good, bad and worst. 
5. When it comes to fights, don’t run away from them. Don’t hide or falter or leave because of it. If you do then don’t go back. But the ones who fight, argue, throw pillows at each other but dare not say the ‘b’-word are the ones who make it though everything that life throws at them. 

Don’t give up on love easy, its never meant to be the way they portrait it. If it were easy, everyone would be with someone or the other in the world living perfectly happy.