MannatSpeak: The Human Race – to Suffer and Survive

human race

The species of homo sapiens are dynamically programmed in such a way that they are meant to suffer. Now don’t get me wrong, suffering comes in all shapes and sizes. No two ways of suffering are the same. To each his own.



We’re meant to live difficult lives. Yes, some lives are objectively more difficult than others. But even the people we perceive as living “the good life*” come with asterisk of terms and conditions apply.

The pain felt from stubbing your little finger on the side of the bed, for example, technically falls under the umbrella of suffering.  And probably traumatizing and excruciating pain. But this isn’t the sort of suffering that I’m talking about.


Usually when we talk about the suffering of individuals, we’re referring to the state of being in immense pain and distress or of undergoing severe hardship. This is the kind of suffering that makes you grow up.  The kind you’re made to overcome.


The most intriguing of its kind is the kind of suffering that we humans make for ourselves. Forget about killing their livers with a bottle of whiskey. People will forever suffer simply because suffering is in their nature.

The way that we see and understand the world has to do with suffering. As long as people’s lives stretch beyond basic hand-to-mouth existence, there’s no way to avoid heartbreak; of a friend or partner.

And that’s the deal, there is no point crying over something that’s not in your control. No use trying to surpass something inevitable.



We’ll always be bothered by little things, like not being able to find a parking spot and arriving late to work or a long line at the store. We humans have mastered the art of being disappointed at things life throws at us unexpectedly.

We experience the world relatively. Anything is only as good or as bad as everything else that we’ve already experienced.

Take love, for example. Getting turned down by your high school crush surely hurt; it may have even felt like heartbreak. Later, you actually fell in love and experienced heartbreak. All of a sudden, you redefined what it meant to be in love and to feel pain.

Yes, you suffered when your first crush turned you down. But you suffered more when the first person you loved broke your heart. In retrospect, we can decide that what happened in high school wasn’t heartbreak. And that’s why we need to realize that the moment is as real as it gets, but that is and always will be JUST a MOMENT.

There is one reason in particular that we suffer. This is true for just about every single person in the world. We suffer because we want a perfect life, but we fail to ever attain it.

We may understand that perfection is impossible. We may fully comprehend how futile our aims are. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still going to hope for it.

We can either dive in to that spiralling oblivion or choose what is best. You’ll never attain perfection, but for the rest of your life you can enjoy failing to capture it. But it’s your choice. You need to decide if you’re suffering for the right reasons. It’s the only way to be happy.