Mannatspeak : Why did God create Dogs?

God created Dogs

God created humans and on the 9th day he looked down & saw that they needed a companion. So God created dog. 

Dog is an animal, much like others incapable of “rational” thinking and organized words. But even so, they are the very best companions to us that nature could give. 

Nothing against cats, hamsters, goldfish, rabbits or birds; but there is no companion animal quite like a dog. Not one even close to empathy like dog. 

For the person who never has experienced the joy of a dog, they may appear to be nothing but a bundle of fur who bark all the time and chase cats. 

Image result for dog girlThe dogs which live in loving homes are no more to be compared to their wolf cousins or other vicious animals than a cat should be compared to a lion.

I have no way of proving (or disproving) my personal belief that God gave Adam and Eve a dog to be with them in the Garden. I have no way to prove (or disapprove) that Jesus had a dog with which he played with as a child.

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful in the unconditional love of a dog. It doesn’t care of what you are; how much your pocket weighs; or who you are. It doesn’t crib, annoy or questions. Its just there for you.Day in and day out. Without question.

Scripture says little about dogs and when it does it is never flattering. Most of the references make one think of wild dogs who ran in packs. Psalm 22:16 says, “Many dogs have surrounded me, a pack of evildoers closes in upon me. Or again from Philippians 3:2, Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers. No, strangely, I cannot find one Scripture that speaks well of dogs.

And yet, they have been a great gift. Such loyalty, such unconditional “love.” There are times when we’re disgusted at the world, the world at us and we at ourselves. But even on days like that dog would still run to great to you, and curl up next to you; such wonderful, “forgiving” and uncomplicated creature.


When I returned from being gone,

You greeted me with the abandon of your kind,

In leaps and yelps and wags,

Telling me you loved me

And not knowing why,

Yet knowing that I loved you, too,

And had missed you,

Even as I do now

That death’s deep slumberings

Have had their toll,

Since I held you in my arms,

And you looked at me And said goodbye.