MannatSpeak | If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me

ManntaSpeak Relationship Equal Love

Its just another day that’s passed us by, one of the few hundred days we’ve been together and the first to a thousand more. It hasn’t been long since you’ve left me to be without you, alone.
For a long time ive been wanting to write to you, in the way I do after a long tiring day, resorting to the thoughts that calm me down the most, the ones that bring a smile upon my lips after the roughest of hours- you.
In this time of mine, that im writing for you, about you, im in a bubble of my own thoughts; living in a world that is solely ours. Where there is just you, me and the words, that’ll make us memories to stay alive forever.
Don’t be afraid don’t worry the most astounding beautiful thing has happened here! I don’t know where to begin but the most important.
Today I love you in a way you’ve not known; today I am neither worn down by travels nor wrapped up in the desire for your presence. Because I finally understand that I want you. It’s a kind of love that has made me selfish- I cannot exist without you- I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again.
There’s a certain grace to you while addressing those beneath you, ‘cause you don’t make it look like they do. There is a beauty in your soul as to how it treats another human. There is humility oozing out of you that youre unable to hide.
How strangely you have acquired an added and special and dangerous loveliness.
“All thoughts – all passions seem now merged in that one consuming desire – the mere wish to make you comprehend – to make you see that for which there is no human voice – the unutterable fervor of my love for you.”
In short, you will quickly become to me the greatest blessing or the greatest curse that ever man was doomed to.