MannatSpeak | Defining Happiness

Defining happiness



Its such a relative term isn’t it? Nobody knows what it truly means. No single definition to apply to all. The emotion that cant be put to words uniformly. A word tough to describe anything specific.

What brings you happiness may break someone else’s heart. What makes you happy might sound like an unattainable luxury to some.

No one honestly knows what happiness is, not when you want it, not when you reach it. You don’t truly know you’re happy till its gone.

Its so retrospective; this happiness, that you feel it in the past. That you value you it when its no longer yours.

Moreover, happiness is such a comparative state. When you’re happy, you dont really know it till the time you’re sad and lonely and defeated, looking back at your life thinking to yourself “those were the times!” And you manage to force a smile.

You do realise then, happiness was what made you happy sometime in the past and looking back now you figure that was it. Happiness.