MannatSpeak | C’est la vie – “That’s life!” Letting Go!

Cest la vie on letting Go


Yes it is my friend. 

Letting go isn’t exactly one of the most easily accepted aspects of life. Its hard letting go and being let go even harder. But it happens. I’ve done my fair share of letting go, and I’ve had my fair share of being let go. 


The sheer thought of letting go of something or someone sends our defense mechanism system into overdrive. Human psychology works wonders in the way it decides to cope up with things; People crave comfort. We want to feel desired, and there’s a particular sense of safety when we are. We long for attention and When we’re given someone’s full and consistent attention, we expect it to be there day in and day out. So even the thought of not having it a single sends shivers down our spines because we forget how to live without it. 


We all have that stonewall-like protection built around us, but the minute that feeling of safety and desire is robbed from us, we let our guard down. We panic. 

And let me tell you, its completely normal to; how are we supposed to let go of something that has become a routine of our life? Something that feels as natural as breathing. 

However, we all know things happen. Life happens. There’s a time and place for everything and everyone in your life, while some are meant to last forever, some you need to let go.


What you do need to know and be adamant about is that never be treated as ‘no-mans land’. Youre either a part of someones life or youre not. You’ve either parted ways or not- There cant be two ways about it. Because if you are trying to let go or are the one driven away, its criminal to be left dangling by a thread of false hope. 


As clichéd as it sounds, everything does happen for a reason. Just trust your timing because not all things which are gone, would be gone forever. It, sometimes, means its only gone for now. However, don’t keep waiting for it to come back. 


It gets hard to deal with situations over and above your control. But that just makes it easier now doesn’t it? If its soething you have the power to control then change it. Deal with headstrong. If its something beyond anything you can do about then accept it and leave it be.


It’s a myth that letting go means you don’t give a care in the world. There is a huge difference between it and indifference. Ive had a fair share being in a ‘in-between’ state. And trust me the minute you reach a place like that, you need to leave. Because sometimes, despite your best efforts of trying to make things work (the fixer that you are) things would never go back to the way they used to be.


Love yourself enough that youre genuinely happy going to sleep at night. Really, the minute your head hits the bed you deserved be filled with butterflies in your stomach not tears in your eyes. 


‘Letting go’ either way, means something of the past. It belongs there so let it. Don’t let yesterday change your today or let it hold the power to affect your tomorrow. Though it certainly impacts how you feel it shouldn’t impact how you are; things that define you. 

It belongs in the memories of yesterday, do not run back to something because of missed feelings.


And even though we get used to living in a certain way, doesn’t mean we cant change it or move past it. I know its much easier said than done and the whole concept of leaving behind something you love is just nerve-wracking but it doesn’t necessarily has to mean an end of something. It could be a beautiful start to something new. 


Lastly, Trust that what has left you, what you have left and what is yet to come will make you a better person.