MannatSpeak | The “Bigger” Problem ​- Struggles of being the younger sibling

Younger Sibling MannatSpeak

All those who have an elder brother or sister would be able to relate to what im about to write. If not, then you most probably are from an alternate universe.

  1. They’re the Test-Babies.
    Everything is tried on them. By everything I mean, the new clothes, the crib, the late night deadlines and even some amazing freedom techniques.
    And almost everytime they screw it up for you and you end up being tied down to your native land- jail, prison, suffocation, etc, often called ‘home’.

  2. You fall in the Ignore-pile.
    Since youre not the first born, the sole apple of everyones eyes, your cries were often ignored as a child (Yes, sorry to pop the cherry but its true) You were often left to cry yourself to sleep unlike your elder one who was cradled and smothered with kisses at the first indication of a tear.

  3. You went from Infant to a teen in a jiffy.
    Its like your childhood never existed. You fondly bring down the suitcase full of old memories and pictures. Dusting off the album, you open it and viola! Its full of the elder one in all possible angles and poses (including them bathing in a bath tub like a royal baby) But you cease to exist. It almost makes you question whether you were born here or adopted?

  4. Mile-stones.
    By the time its your turn of reaching any milestone that could mean everything to you, such as the first tooth that falls, first teenage birthday, your driving license or even achieving the official drinking age, are no longer exciting for those around you because the elder one already stole the show with that.
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  5. Your independent identity ceases to exist.
    Your real name may might as well not exist. You are often (well actually always) recognized as “XYZ’s Brother” or “ABC’s sister”. Naming just the elder one and passing it down to the younger would’ve saved the parents and the world so much trouble. Because its not like they’d use your name either way.

  6. The making-up squad.
    You were always the one cleaning up the mess that your elder sibling made. Be it throwing a fit of rage at your parents or arguing over petty things at school or even being rude at home; you tried your best to make up for the things that the elder one lacked. But no matter how much you tried, your efforts would still be (might I add- very easily) be overshadowed by the blinding love for the Eldest Child of the house.

  7. You might as well be the brand ambassador of Hand-me-downs. Or called a ‘Budget-Cut’.
    If you were by the evil force of God, siblings or the same gender, you were and always would be the recipient of the things already used. From the bed that you slept in as a baby to the clothes that fit when you turned 3 months old, from the sweatshirt in the winters to the bed side table lamp resting on your study, its all by the grace of your elders mind finally being sated with the object in concern.

Congratulations you were your parents most successful budget cut ever!