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To be or Not to be

There was a time when everything was quite black-and-white with relationships. You either trust implicitly, assuming you’d never be intentionally hurt, or believed that one wanted to cause the other pain and questioned everything that happened.


Image result for teenager boy girlOnce you move into the latter category, there’s no going back. Not before hardcore efforts at least

You know what you don’t deserve? Disrespect. Specially if its coming from someone who means the world to you. Someone who you put on a pedestal because you think they deserve it. Someone, who cant stand to be disrespected. Those are the kind of people who would know how it feels like to be spoken to like degraded trash. Because that’s what it feels like. 


But the sad truth about the way this world works is that not all are as understanding. So much so that, in the rat race to be understood we all forget to be understanding. 

And that’s where all the problem lies. 

We all wish to be treated the best only to treat everyone worse. 

Despite knowing the feeling, hypocrisy prevails. 

You wanted them to care and to believe they valued you—that it only meant something interpreted incorrectly even if their actions seemed to suggest otherwise.


But this is where it gets confusing. On one hand, we often create a lot of meaning in our heads that isn’t really there. We may feel convinced someone intended to be rude, inconsiderate, or thoughtless when really that wasn’t the case.

On the other hand, sometimes actions speak louder than words, and our interpretations may be accurate.

Sometimes someone is knowingly hurtful or neglectful. We need to be able to recognize that or we’ll end up feeling disempowered, disrespected, and stuck.


Never let yourself be deluded by someone who loves you one second only to walk away from you when its not even your fault. Specially someone who isn’t going to tolerate the thing that they did to you if they were on the receiving end.  

I guess it aptly said that don’t push a loyal person to the extent that they no longer care. As they once did. That’s where you push them too far and they become exactly what you didn’t wish them to be like. Like you.