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Mind over Matter

As someone who has (finally) passed this eccentric phase of life- Board Exams, I can imagine the amount of pressure being built up in your mind.
Ever-since you step into high school the one thing you learn thoroughly, if not anything else, is about the significance of ‘The Boards’. Their are tensions regarding the future, what to choose, how many marks; you’d get since that is the sole deciding factor of what you’ll become. Or so we believe.

The importance of marks is on top of the list, I won’t deny its place, but they don’t form who you are. Don’t let the meaning of marks attach itself to the person you are yet to become. In a country like India, yes, you’re not the master of choice; yes, your marks (to a certain extent) depict your standing. But what can you do when even being on the top of league you get nowhere? How can you expect to beat a lakh of students of your own calibre, let alone a point higher, to compete for just 100 seats?

Everybody ends up doing something in life. Believe you me. There is not one person who is good at nothing- no matter how menial the job might be. “Its all about the marks, let them decide what your interest is.” No, never let that happen. Follow your heart, do what you want. Let your mind wander off places, find a million things to do and explore as many options as possible. Find THAT one goal that you’d prefer over it all and work towards it. There won’t be any obstacle, any ‘college’ or a difference of a mark that would stop you from achieving it.

Not any hurdle would hinder you from pursuing it because this is YOUR dream and you’re the only one controlling it, no other factor can dominate it than you itself. All you need is a little inspiration: discover it and you discover your potential.