MannatSpeak : ​BAE-Problems | Relationship

My bae problems

1. Isn’t it the best thing ever to have your boyfriend/girlfriend treat you in ways that you would never treat them as? 


Oh it happens. It happens a lot I tell you! Say you want to go out party with your boys, drink some beers and have a boys night out but forget to text her the entire night because you were busy chilling with your guys living in oblivion as to how she might be freaking out or annoyed by this gesture of yours. 

But my my, if she disappears on her night outwith not one text in a span of 2 hours you go bonkers. 

2. Apparently not talking for sometime (or days) is supposed to help your relationship get better. “Spacing out” is it? 


Yeah, well if your girl or guy prefers not talking to you as a way of fixing your relationship, give him/her so much space that they might as well break dance in it. “Space out” once and for all. That’s not a way to miss each other but just forget the person and block the problem that arose in the first place. Its called hiding. 


3. Joking at the expense of your girl is a hard limit. 


She laughs at the way you did something wrong on 9th of July 2011 but hell breaks lose the minute you laugh at the way her hair were tied up in a funny way last evening. 

Naa aanOff limits. Red zone area


4. Stalkerish tendencies. Heightened emotions.


Every 30 minutes you just HAVE to check his/her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc to see if he/she posted anything. God knows you’ve got to be updated.Its like a ritual. Checking your account means opening his/hers before closing.43 likes?! An hour ago I checked, they were just 36. Got to see who’s eyeing my bae


5. Theres always that one that gets your sherlock face on. 


You’d always find that one girl/or guy continuously being the one liking your persons picture while you sit there staring at your phone screen with a grumpy face on muttering the sweetest words in the vocabulary. 

Shes just a friend from childhood” he’d tell you “dont worry, doesnt mean anything” 

And boom, you see him like littlemissbi***troll’s picture. And that gets you ticking.