Manmeet Alisher’s murderer undergoing mental health treatment

Manmeet Alisher murder

The Australian Anthony O’Donohue, 48, who killed Punjabi guy Manmeet Alisher at a Moorooka bus stop, is undergoing involuntary mental health treatment.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court heard on Monday that the charges against the accused have been suspended and his case has been transferred to the Mental Health Court.

During the court proceedings, dozens of supporters gathered outside Brisbane Magistrates Court to hear the outcome. Anthony has been in custody since October 2016.

O’Donohue’s charges, including the 14 counts of attempted murder, had earlier been referred to a mental health callover despite protests from his lawyer Ms Sarah Lynch during the first hearing.

Police alleged that O’Donohue boarded a bus in the city’s south at Beaudesert Rd at Moorooka, Brisbane on October 28 and threw an “incendiary device” on driver Manmeet Alisher leaving him no chance to survive.

On Saturday 29th October, O’Donohue’s lawyer Adam Magill told media that he had concerns for his client’s mental health as he was feeling “numb” and trying to come to terms with what happened.

29-year-old Manmeet was popular within the Punjabi community in Australia as a singer and showbiz promoter.

Manmeet’s death prompted strong concerns within Indian-Australian community who took to social media to ask for rigorous punishment to the accused.