MahaWeather | Chandigarh records the hottest March day in 7 years!

Monday was recorded as the hottest day of March since 2010 and third hottest since 1999, the weather department said.

The maximum temperature recorded in the city on Monday was 36.1 degree Celsius at the city airport, 6 notches above normal. The temperature was 35 degrees in the city, 3 notches above normal.

The day temperature was also three degree more than Sunday. In March 2010, the highest temperature was recorded at 38.2 degree Celsius. In 1999, the city had recorded 36.6 degree Celsius. In 2016 and 2015, the highest temperature recorded in March was 33 degree Celsius.

“The temperature will go up in the coming days. It will increase by nearly 2 degrees in the next three-four days. This year is likely to be hotter than 2016,” said Surender Paul, director, meteorological department, Chandigarh.

However, there will be some respite from the scorching heat in the first week of April. “The temperature is likely to dip by a few notches as there is a possibility of snowfall on higher reaches. In Northern Punjab, there is a possibility of light rain,” said Surender Paul.

The minimum temperature was 19.8 degree Celsius in the city, 4 notches above normal. The temperature on Sunday night increased by nearly 2 notches in comparison to the previous night.

At the Chandigarh airport, the night temperature recorded was 21.2 degree Celsius, 5 degrees above normal.

The humidity level varied from 30% to 62%.

For Tuesday, the weather department has predicted clear sky, with maximum temperature being 35 degree Celsius.