We love Diljit Dosanjh but do you really know him? 

Diljit- doing justice to his name, he has won the hearts of people all over the world.
The mere mention of actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh’s name is bound to make people weak in the knees. And it’s not just the ladies who are a fan of his charm; even the guys try to emulate his pure-Punjabi ‘swag’.
Which is why we dug up some lesser known albeit interesting facts about the Punjabi munda:-
1. The first Punjabi song ever to be featured on Vevo, the famous video hosting service, was Diljit’s breakout hit Proper Patola back in 2013. The track, composed by Badshah, got more than a million hits on YouTube within a fortnight.
2. In 2013, on his birthday, he launched the Saanjh Foundation, an organisation that works with underprivileged children and seniors. Saanjh works on relevant issues such as self-confidence, career development and mentoring. So, apart from being an actor and a musician, Dosanjh is a philanthropist as well.


3. Dosanjh has been awarded three BritAsia TV Music Awards for his album Back2Basics. Along with it, he has won the award for Best International Act, Best Album and Best Bhangra Single for song Kharku.
4. Apart from his recent endeavours, the Punjabi icon was into public singing from a very early age. He started performing in front of crowd long back while he was still in school – little Diljit would sing Sikh music at local Gurudwaras.
5. His work is so renowned internationally that the song ‘Lak Kudi da’ reached the top position on the official Asian Download chart in UK, published by BBC.
6. He likes to keep his ground and moral ethics. Even in his songs, he does not wish to exchange his values for publicity.

On discussing the usage of explicit lyrics by a youth:

“Mera beta kahega bomb lagdi menu, toh mai kahunga chhittar maarne hai maine tere.”

Those who already know about him will agree when I say that here is a man who, despite being a superstar in Punjabi cinema, is very grounded and prefers to thank his culture and roots for all his stardom.