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Punjabis personify fun Culture
What are the attributes that make Punjabis fun to be with and makes them so awesome?

Image result for PunjabiLove for life and Celebrating Life 

There’s a reason why Punjabis say “saade naal rahoge te, aish karoge“.

No matter how small the occasion, Punjabi’s love to party hard. There’s food enough to feed a small country and Punjabis of all ages get their groove on the dancing floor.

Overcoming the disparities
Image result for punjabi bhangraBeing a frontier state, Punjab had to endure the plundering invasions of numerous foreigners for thousands of years ranging from Cyrus the Persian king, Alexander the Greek, Huns, Mongols, Tamerlane the Turk, Afghans , Mughals, and the British East India Company.
Whats the Reason behind this boisterous behavior? Punjabi’s love for life stems from their history. The desire to live the life to the full because its so short .. so short that you could lose it all in a matter of moments.

Image result for PunjabiCelebrating Life

From such desperate times and complete gloom and despair, comes the desire to live the life and celebrate it. The exuberance of a Punjabi Bhangra demonstrate that desire visually.

Charhdi Kalaa

So whats the secret “Mantra” for the Punjabi exuberance and love for life? To understand that, you will have to understand the key concept of “Charhdi Kalaa” in Sikh philosophy. It is a concept in Sikhism that refers to a mental state of optimism and joy. Sikhs are ideally expected to be in this positive state of mind as a sign of their contentment with the will of God, even during the times of adversity.

The Punjabi word “Chardi Kalaa” (Caṛdī Kalā) can be translated as “positive attitude” or “ascending energy“. It is also described as being in “high spirits” or “positive, buoyant and optimistic” attitude to life and to the future. Chardi Kalaa is the state of mind in which a person has no negative emotions like fear, jealousy or enmity. Instead the mind has many positive feelings including joy, satisfaction and self-dignity.