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The perks of having a lawyer in the making

I’d love to tell you that dating a lawyer is no different than dating someone from another profession but that would be a lie. And I wouldn’t lie about that. Would I lie about the weight listed on my driver’s license? Yes. But about dating a lawyer? Never.


The strange thing about dating a lawyer is there’s not just one strange thing. There are many strange things. Lawyers are creatures who think differently; we have what somebody would call an infuriating ability to be objective. We are stubborn and argumentative (its in our nature. Our blood sometimes) but we’re also accepting and look at things from many different perspectives. Personally, I think dating a lawyer would be wonderful for those reasons alone, but I realize there are others who may disagree.


For that reason, I bring you the pros of having a lawyer around.


1. Not always can you have a flowery relationship with all the sugarcoating and lovey-dovey conversations. So you if youre in a mood for a debate or some meaningful discussion about some hot topic in the news? A lawyer partner would readily say (what barney does) “Challenge Accepted!”


2. And be sure of long conversation. Because lawyer genes don’t let go of their point too easy. They posses the ability to drag you to the point where they will do whatever it takes to change your mind, only if they’re right of course.


3. You’ll feel happy and proud while introducing them to your family. Its like a package deal, smart, eloquent and know how to present themselves. They make for a good choice as ‘Daughter/Son- in- LAW’ literally.


4. They know exactly what they want; they aren’t indecisive. They have a goal and because of that they can make you want to have the driving spirit as well.


5. Unlawful activities happening to you because of corruption? Not to you! The biggest perk of being with a lawyer is that they know everything about the law and even if the police stop you they’ll be able to remind you of the rights and what actually is written down in law. They’re excellent at figuring out loopholes.


6. They know when to speak what and have mastered the art of disguising anything rude but true as fluently and smoothly as possible. So you wont even get to know the deal and they’ll manage to put their point across.


7. They have experiences and so many cases to share. Because the law is so vast that there is n number of variety in the kind of cases that come forward and its so interesting to hear about them, which you normally wouldn’t be able to.


8. The thing about lawyers is that trust theyre instinct. No really you should. Theyre perceptive and in a way bust lies for a living. So trust them when they tell you what the intentions of someone because they would mostly turn out to be right.


9. They are very focused and observant. They will note every intricate detail about you, what you like and not.

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10. They’re big on hard facts! They absolutely cannot settle for 50-50 or something known as ‘probably’. Until and unless they are positively sure, its in their nature to not be calm.
11. Masters of their own. Lawyer peeps aren’t used to being under someone. They’re strong and independent. Hell they make their own pay scale and number of working hours. Talk about wanting a job on your own terms- law it is!