The land of Five Rivers: Punjab and its lesser known facts

Punjab Lesser known facts
The word “Punjab” is made up of two Persian words ‘Panj’ and ‘Aab’. Panj means five and Aab means water. The state of Punjab called the land of five rivers has got an integrated culture with an interesting history adding the fancy of the tourists coming here. It is also the land of great Gurus and prides itself with monuments of ancient times and historical embodiment. There is no denying the fact that the amazing beauty along with golden yellow fields in the lap of Blue Mountains offering a romantic as well as picturesque view has always drawn several people and has imbibed an essence of Punjab in their hearts. There are breathtaking areas in abundance as it has been the royalty seat.
Presenting some lesser known facts about Punjab:
  1. The language spoken in Punjab is (of course) Punjabi, which is the 10th most spoken language of world and 3rd most popular language of Canada.
  2. The land of Punjab is very fertile. It is also known as Golden Harvests.
  3. The State Animal is Blackbuck.
  4. The State Bird is Northern Goshawk.
  5. The state tree is Indian Rosewood