So Kejriwal will make Amritsar a Holy City!

The Hindi proverb Sau Chuhe Khaake Billi Haj ko Chali (After eating 100 mice, the cat proceeds on a pilgrimage), which literally means a person who has committed several sins pretends to be innocent, which is more of a sham. An analogy that fits aptly with Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal.
He promised to ban liquor and meat around the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar if his party was voted to power in Punjab.
Even during the formation of AAP, Kejriwal had announced a that prior to opening of any liquor vend in any area, an approval of local residents would be taken. Which is why this promise of his sounds hypocritical.
Most ironically, in the 70-point manifesto during Delhi Assembly election, he promised to make Delhi addiction-free, yet granted 399 liquor licenses in just 371 working days.
Its  ex-AAP leader and founding member of Swaraj Abhiyan Yogendra Yadav, who challenged Kejriwal to tell the truth on liquor license issue and released the list of 399 liquor licensees.
Bhai Baldeep Singh, an exponent of the oldest Gurbani Kirtan form of singing said that “There has been a rapid decline in AAP’s popularity in Punjab, especially because of the way the party leaders dealt with their counterparts.” Simply because, ignoring all other burning issues, Kejriwal has decided to only talk about this small one.
This just sounds like a big joke by Kejriwal. AAP had promised in its Swaraj Bill that prior to opening of liquor vends, approval will be taken from local residents. However, the promise was not adhered to while distributing the 399 licenses.