Kejriwal sees threat to his life during poll campaign | Election Stunt?

Kejriwal gets death threat

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claims that he could be targeted during poll campaign or on Republic Day

An e-mail sent to his official ID mentioned as many as four men could target him tomorrow. Kejriwal has claimed threats on his life earlier too for media headlines and once accused even PM Narendra Modi of conspiring to kill him. Unsurprisingly, many people on the street called Kejriwal’s latest claim as a new election drama.
Delhi Home Secretary S N Sahay informed Police Commissioner Alok Verma about the threat and requested him to look into it urgently. Verma then asked Crime Branch to investigate the matter.
Every nook and corner of the entire Central and New Delhi region will be guarded by nearly 50,000 security personnel, drawn from Delhi Police and central security forces.

According to the source, the emails contain names and contact numbers of the five-six persons, who according to the sender of the emails will allegedly ‘kill’ Kejriwal.

Ravindra Yadav confirmed they had received a letter from the chief minister’s office and the forwarded emails that mentioned names and numbers of people who allegedly want to kill the chief minister.

Earlier, there have been many shoe and ink attacks on Kejriwal by his rivals and also party dissidents.