Kejriwal : “No Money To Fight Elections.” True or False?

AAP funds

Speaking in South , Kejriwal said, “It would look odd but it is true that despite a one-and-half year of governance in Delhi, does not have money to fight election”

But is this true?

Contrary to Kejriwal’s claims, going by the Election Commission, AAP gets 5-8 times more than BJP or Congress on per parliament seat basis. AAP is much more richer, even considering Vidhan Sabha seats won by different parties.

At an overall level, the AAP is the fourth largest political party in the country in terms of receiving contributions. In the financial year 2014-15, it received contributions worth Rs 37.5 crore. Only three parties – and all of them national ones – had received larger contributions than the AAP. The BJP, with 437 crore is at the top, followed by the Congress (Rs 142 crore) and the NCP (Rs 39 crore).

But AAP has just two MPs (excluding two suspended) and a few dozen Delhi MLAs in total, while BJP and Congress have much larger profiles at the national level.

AAP gets more funds than SP, BSP, TMC, JD(U) and AIDMK with much larger vote base and presence.

No wonder, AAP’s rivals – the Congress and the BJP both – have refused to trust Kejriwal.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari told India Today Digital that what the Delhi CM said the most hypocritical claim one can make. “This is the most sanctimonious statement which really undermines the humbug that the AAP is. Till today, these fellows have not disclosed the funds collected by India Against (IAC),” he said.

The former Union Information and Broadcasting Minister said no sanctity could be attached to Kejriwal’s claim till the collections by the IAC are made public. “Till then, it will not reflect the true story of their finances,” he added.