Has Kejriwal emotionally resigned from Delhi CM post? Once again!


Kejriwal resigned in February 2014 within 49 days of becoming Delhi CM as he was looking for a bigger prize – PM position as a non-NDA candidate in the Lok Sabha elections scheduled in a few months. But that did not happen and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India.


Undaunted, Kejriwal quickly went back to Delhi, perfunctorily apologised to its residents for ditching them, and to his credit, swept the state elections in 2015, winning 67 out of 70 seats. Ever generous Delhi residents seemed to have totally forgiven him.

Coming back to the present, we have crucial Punjab and Gujarat elections in a few months, where AAP is expected to make significant inroads in vote share.

Kejriwal is a smart and ambitious politician and he knows the importance of Punjab elections. He’s spending a lot of time and political capital in Punjab scheming to dethrone Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP government. But what about Delhi that gave him a massive mandate in 2015 to correct things in the beleaguered country capital.

Delhi hospitals witnessed at least four more deaths due to complications arising from chikungunya, taking the total number of deaths to five yesterday.

However, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently in Bengaluru for a throat surgery, blamed the BJP-led central government and Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung for the health crisis. Mr. Kejriwal tweeted angrily in response to criticism that he and his Ministers were away from Delhi.


From the tweet, it seems Kejriwal is gloating over his ‘wins’ in other states and has no empathy for thousands of poor Delhi residents suffering due to lack of medical facilities.

Except for some tweets, Delhi government has totally ignored the current crisis of vector-borne diseases in Delhi.

Earlier Kejriwal said (Twitter is his official means of communication with the world) that he could not even buy a pen without Modi permission. Ironically, most of AAP ministers were holidaying in London, Rio and US on public money, when they read his tweet.

The rest of Kejriwal’s time is spent mostly in politicking outside Delhi. It seems that Kejriwal is again looking for a bigger prize-  a CM post in Punjab and becoming a PM candidate for all leftist-secular parties against Modi in 2019.

Governance in Delhi is the last thing in Kejriwal’s mind. The recent High Court judgement that LG, not CM, heads the Delhi administration has given Kejriwal a nice excuse to royally ignore this struggling capital-state despite enjoying all the perks and prestige of being its Chief Minister.