I will haunt Sukhbir every night – Bhagwant Mann


Nightmare and Dengue Mosquito – These terms for the two senior most leaders were not used by others but the two gentlemen themselves. Those of you who know AAP even a little, won’t be surprised. Aam Aadmi party (AAP) loves to be a headache for everyone else as long as its actions give them publicity. This technique is same as that of the that in Syria/Iraq invents more and more shocking ways to kill its ‘enemies’ on camera to attract more followers among the disgruntled (Muslim) youth. AAP too has been able to attract millions of frustrated youth who feel cheated by the existing corrupt and inefficient dispensation. For both, the technique has been highly effective by leveraging the power of the main-stream media.

started his politics by calling himself an anarchist in January 2014 and by sympathising with Kashmiri Terrorists. When Delhi police requested him to move his demonstration to Jantar Mantar, the designated spot for public protest, from Rail Bhawan as that would have interfered with Republic Day events, Kejriwal had said “They say I am an anarchist. Yes, I am. Today, I will create anarchy for Mr Shinde (then Union Home Minister).”

somnath_bharti_raid AAP


Later, when Kejriwal became Chief Minister for the first time, his colleague started raiding foreign women in mid-night swoops, making them urinate for tests in public on the road. Four of these women then filed a police case alleging that they were beaten up by a mob, and forced to submit urine samples. All of them tested negative for drugs.

More recently, Arvind Kejriwal called himself Dengue mosquito. “I am a dengue (causing) mosquito. I will bite BJP and Congress and they will be in trouble,” he probably meant killing the opposition, probably figuratively but one can never be sure about Arvind Kejriwal.

And this week Kejriwal’s most trusted disciple in Punjab, , who created the real security nightmare for the Parliament by leaking a video of the building’s entry-exit routes, took a dig at deputy chief minister and president , “I haunt [Sukhbir] him every night.”



AAP leaders love to consider themselves as anarchists, vociferously rejecting every court ruling that goes against them, but going to town with every minor court statement against anyone it deems as its opponent – a media house, a thulla (an insulting Delhi slang for a junior Policeman), Modi, Congress or Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi.

Delhi is  not a complete state and thankfully law & order is still with centre (through LG). If Punjab elects an AAP government in 2017, keeping peace in this critical border state would be a nightmare, worse than even a dengue mosquito bite.


DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.