Kejriwal boycotted in his Haryana hometown Siwani for supporting Punjab on SYL canal

Kejriwal boycotted in his Haryana hometown Siwani

After Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said Punjab had no water to share with anyone on the Sutlej-Yamuna Link controversy, at his native town in Haryana, the local MLA called for his boycott if he ever visited the place again.

Kejriwal’s native Siwani town in Bhiwani district falls under southern Haryana that is facing acute shortage of water. The SYL canal, if built, would ferry waters to this area.

“People are extremely angry against Kejriwal here. They don’t have water to drink and irrigation. He should see how people are forced to purchase water for most basic things. They are sad to know that he did not even think of them even once before giving his stand,” Loharu INLD MLA Om Prakash Barwa said. “By giving his stand, he has not only upset people but also disrespected Supreme Court order,” he said.

Addressing a press conference, the INLD MLA asked Kejriwal to join his party in building the canal as redemption to his comment. The INLD has announced to start constructing the SYL on its own from February 23 if the government failed to do so by then.

Local political analysts expect that Kejriwal may take a U-turn and support Haryana and Delhi on SYL during the next election in these states.