Italian PM Tells Obama – Let’s hope it’s a ‘girl’ | US Election


Chandgarh: No, the Obamas aren’t expecting a third child. Or at least we are not aware of any such news.

In a Facebook post yesterday, ‘Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, told US President Barack Obama “Let’s hope it’s a girl.”
Renzi was talking about tomorrow’s US Presidential election and expressing his support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“In a few hours we will know the name of the 45th American President and it is obvious that this choice will affect a lot the world of the next four years. US… Let’s hope it’s a girl..”, wrote Renzi.

The Italian Prime Minister, whom a section of the US fashion press calls “Italy’s Justin Trudeau” , in a nod to the stylish Canadian Prime Minister, was also full of praise for Obama.

“The man who has invested about hope against the cynicism, which has raised a generation to try (yes, we can), which has produced with policies of growth a boom of employment growth, which has a lot invested in energy, innovation and health,” is how Google translated Renzi’s post in Italian, that describes Obama.

The Italian PM acknowledged that “there have been controversies” about Obama’s foreign policy, but added that he had “great successes” like Cuba, had the “right intuition” on Iran strategic, and saw “the need for a new global trade policy.”

Renzi described Obama as a poster child for ‘the American dream’ and said that he had “been privileged” to work with Obama in fostering a more democratic order.