India wins Kabaddi World Cup KWC 2016 beating Iran 38-29 | Video

India wins KWC 2016

India came from behind in the second half to beat the challenger Iran 38-29 in Kabaddi World Cup KWC 2016. Iran was leading 13-18 at the end of first half and was leading good but Ajay Thakur then played the game of his life and others chipped in to win the match for India.

Riding on a terrific performance by Ajay Thakur’s 12 points, India produced a strong comeback at the TransStadia Arena to win the trophy once again.

The final was like a boxing bout as both teams — considered kabaddi powerhouses — traded punches and gave it as good as they got. Over the last decade Iran has become the ain rival of India in the sport of Kabaddi, Pushing Pakistan (absent this time though due to its state-support to terrorism against India) to third or even fourth place.

India wins kWC2016The match lived up to its expectations as both teams fought hard and refused to give an inch. Skipper Anup Kumar scored his trademark bonus point to level the scores at 6-6 in the 10th minute. Meraj Sheykh scored with an excellent raid and reduced India to just three men as Iran led 9-7 in the 13th minute.

India’s defence had a below-par first 15 minutes as they scored just one tackle point. Iran reduced India to just two men but a brilliant super tackle by Mohit Chhillar the 16th minute to cut the lead to just one point again

The tide turned for India when Ajay Thakur scored his ninth point in the 29th minute to level the game at 20-20. India inflicted their first all out the match in the 30th minute to lead 24-21 as they took their biggest lead of the match.