‘India Exports Software, Pakistan Exports Terror,’ Says PM Modi At BJP Meet


KOZHIKODE: Your leaders are making a fool of you in the name of Kashmir: PM Modi tells Pakistanis directly at BJP meet in Kerala, accusing their leaders of exporting global terrorism. Delivering a strong message to the nation, PM said India will never forget the Uri attack and that the sacrifice of our 18 soldiers will not go in vain. 'India Exports Software, Pakistan Exports Terror,' Says PM Modi At BJP Meet: Highlights

Here are the highlights from his first speech since the Uri attack:

  • Today I am speaking to the people Pakistan directly.
  • From the leaders who read speeches written by terrorists, the world can expect nothing. But I want to speak to the people of Pakistan directly.
  • I want to remind Pakistan, before 1947, your ancestors used to consider undivided India their land, worshipped it. And in their memory I want to tell you something.
  • The people of Pakistan please ask your leaders, you have PoK. You cannot manage it.
  • Bangladesh used to be yours, you couldn’t manage it. You cannot manage Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakhtun, Balochistan, Sindh…and you are talking about Kashmir.
  • People of Pakistan must ask their leaders to first give secure lives to their citizens.
  • People of Pakistan ask your leaders, Both our countries got freedom together. Why does India export software and your country export terrorists?
  • I want to tell the people of Pakistan to confuse you, your leaders have worked for ages. I am ready to face that challenge.
  • I want to tell the people, If you have what it takes, lets compete to end poverty in our countries.




  • Lets see who gets there first. People of Pakistan and India will like this competition.
  • Youth of Pakistan, come lets fight. Lets see who ends unemployment first – India or Pakistan.
  • Lets fight against illiteracy. Newborns, pregnant mothers die in both India and Pakistan. Lets see who can save them first.
  • And leaders of Pakistan hear this. The sacrifice of 18 of our soldiers will not go in vain.
  • India has succeeded in isolating you in the world. We will ramp it up and force you live alone in the world.
  • That day is not far when people of Pakistan will get in the fray to fight against their leaders and terrorists.
  • My dear countrymen, the future of our nation is connected to peace and good thoughts.
  • Our country wins when we stand together, say in one voice, have one resolution.
  • Today 1.25 billion Indians are ready to pay any price for our pride and peace. That’s why I see a glorious future for India.