The Hunger Games: Survival of the hungriest!

Hunger Games Food Porn

Trust me when I tell you this, ive got a serious case of ‘hungerlust’, for all those who have only seen me from a distance, please ignore the size & believe my words. And for all those who know me well, they know the gluttonous pig that I am.

Hunger Games Food Porn

Hunger Games

  1. The people who sail in the same boat commit the biggest sin among the Deadly Seven; Gluttony. Instead of having a normal abdominal tract, our anatomy consists of a bottomless pit for a stomach.

  2. People who’re hunger-struck just cannot keep track of their diet. Probably because they stuff their face every 2 hours.

  3. Also, there isn’t any pattern you see. Desert can come before food, after, in between or alternately. You get what I’m saying?

  4. The only porn we’re well versed is, is FoodPorn.

  5. And that Instagram follow lists has more of foodie friendly pages rather than actual people.

  6. We’re very finicky about what we eat or drink, some might call it peculiar. But hey, I like my iced tea the way I do!

  7. We eat. Just in case there is going to be a zombie attack or apocalypse. We need all our energy, no? sowe tank up as and when possible.

  8. Did I mention that all this gluttonous behavior is for all the wrong kind of food? Yes we’re all about healthy-free zone and Junk-friendly food!

  9. If you want a chance to get to be friendly with us, don’t try to show off about which serial is sizzling on sidereel. Talk to us about food and every channel or series dedicated to it.

  10. Also, we’re what you call a little abnormal because normally people would check out the clothes or bags or glasses in a movie. Guys hooting for girls and girls drooling over the six-pack-abs, and we’re just looking and feeling sad about the beautiful plate of food going waste in the background.

  11. If someone asks me where did all my money go, be sure to know I ate it. Indirectly of course. Because instead of splurging on the new jacket in Zara, I overspend on food.

  12. We people ‘Live to Eat’ that’s our motto.

  13. We know the difference between the taste of coke and pepsi in just a sip.
    Yup we’re that goooood! –makes a smug face-

  14. The usual anger tantrum involves leaving the dinner table and storming off right? Wrong, we work the opposite, we’d probably pick up the plate, fill it up some more and walk off.

Food doesn’t judge. Food loves you.