Hindu Boys killed in Pakistan for fake Blasphemy incident

Hindu boys shot dead Pakistan

A Hindu youth was shot dead and another on left critically wounded last month  as communal tension gripped a district in ‘s Sindh province following alleged desecration of a holy book by a Muslim man who was arrested for .

Tensions ran high in Mehran Samejo village in Ghotki district after a Hindu recently turned muslim, Amar Lal, who was said to be mentally unstable, allegedly desecrated a holy book on Tuesday. According to reports, Amar, who has been arrested, was a drug addict and had converted to Islam a few months ago.

Witnesses also said the mob of angry extremists desecrated a local Hindu temple and some reports indicate that a young Hindu girl has been abducted in the town as to ‘repair Muslim honor’ from the Quran incident.

Local leaders of the Hindu community have demanded their lives and properties be protected in the wake of the tension. They showed disappointment that none of the Indian religious and political organisations have shown concern about killing of Hindu men and alleged kidnapping and rapes of Hindu and Sikh girls.

According to reports, all towns of the Ghotki district remained closed on Wednesday. Muslim religious Leaders have demanded severe punishment for Amar, who has been booked for blasphemy and shifted to an undisclosed location by police. Considering the past Pakistan record in similar cases, it’s very likely that Amar, a recent Muslim, is unlikely to escape from getting killed even when in custody of local Police.