Health | A dozen of the most exasperating things every skinny girl can relate to

skinny girl can relate to

So, its not like we’re not happy or proud or even consider ourselves lucky to be thin but why is it that every skinny girl is deemed to be skinny as a result of starving herself and avoiding the plunge in the world of calories? Maybe we’re naturally skinny, without trying for it. Guess what! You can be skinny and not have an eating disorder. Haah!


1. “You probably diet and survive on air, don’t you?” 

People keep assuming that because our waist is two sizes below theirs we live on water and survive on air. They seem relieved when you say something like, “I watch what I eat.” Then when you add, “But I don’t DIET,” they act like life is so much easier all-around for you. Even though life struggles stem from much more than whatever size you are.


2. “Your workout must be so exhausting! Tell me what you do” 

Gosh! Why is a work outs end result always presumed to be getting slim?!

Going to the gym has its own benefits. Some people just can’t seem to fathom that you could work out without the end goal of losing weight. However it’s completely possible a person works out because she cares about her health and enjoys runner’s high, yoga, and sometimes just toning up.


3. “You’re the thin one, squeeze in or sit on my lap” 

Excuse me i’m all matter, like you, I too take up space. Because of our (reduced) size we’re all made to crush in or relive our horrific childhood sitting on someone’s lap like a baby.


4. “Oh my God! You’re so lucky. You can literally wear anything!” 

Ummm. No we can’t. Everything Lady Gaga wears? No one can wear that. (Probably not everything because even when Beyoncé herself dressed like a pizza, it was slightly questionable.)

5. “Its so convenient for you, just ask for the smallest size in the store”

NO. That’s just not true. We get it, we wear a small mostly but not always. The little flesh we have in the right places does require our better judgement of sizes that are not trying to kill us while we breathe.


6. “Are you sure you eat cake and cupcakes and stuff?”

Of course not, because you just HAVE to think that we survive on self-deprivation. -__-


7. “Why aren’t you eating? You know you can afford to eat that”

Gosh why is it important to constantly keep hogging on food just prove that you don’t diet? It is, in some parallel universe, possible that we might have already eaten or may not be hungry at the same moment that you are.


8. Probably the one we’ve heard the most- “Where does it all go?!”

The same place your food goes? And do you really want to get into bowel movements?

Ever heard of a thing called ‘Metabolism Rate’? Yeah, maybe ours is a little higher than yours. And no, its not in our control. And again, no, it is not a competition.


9. “You could be the brand ambassador of one of those kids in the UNICEF commercials.”

Seriously? Those kids are starving to death without any choice of their own. How horribly heartless are you?


10. “You could definitely be a model.”

We never knew that the criterion for modelling was just being skinny. What if we’re skinny but socially awkward, well, that wont make a very good model now would it?


11. When aunts go like, “Boys marry healthy girls with a little skin on bones, what will become of you?”

Gee, thanks for planning out my future for me. Aunts and relatives make it their sacred duty to worry about our marriage without even having to do anything with it, specially in a place like India, it’s a curse being skinny because we can’t apparently bear kids or manage our marriage because of our natural body type. -_-


12. This one makes it to the highly annoying list- “Your waist can fit in my palm!” 

Laugh all you want, we literally plan your murder and how to get away with it in our heads while you do.