HC upholds ward reservation in Chandigarh MC polls

HC upholds ward reservation in Chandigarh MC polls

The Punjab and Haryana high court on Thursday dismissed two petitions challenging ward reservation notification for MC Chandigarh elections.

The matter had reached court on October 20 and after arguments reserved for judgment on December 2. The city goes to poll on December 18.

In one petition, Sat Pal Goyal, senior vice-president of Lok Janshakti Party and a resident of Ram Darbar, has sought quashing of the October 14 notification of the UT administration that ordered reserving ward number 23 (Ram Darbar and Hallo Majra) for the second time.

In the second petition filed by one Jagjit Singh, reservation of ward 9 for women general has been challenged. It has been argued that in 2011, this ward was reserved for women (scheduled caste candidates).

UT on the other hand has maintained that fair and transparent method was adopted for the rotation of reserved seats in different wards based on the percentage of population of scheduled castes and other categories in the latest census and there is no violation of law.