Hardik Patel misused Quota Stir to become “Crorepati”

Hardik Patel Living a Life of Luxury


It’s said that in India most unscrupulous agitation leaders live a life of luxury. Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener does not appear to be an exception.  Serious cracks have begun to emerge within the in with Hardik Patel’s close aides, now accusing the ‘quota spearhead’ of “spending the community’s money on furthering his personal interests”.

“Normally, people find it difficult to make both ends meet after going to jail. But, it is exactly opposite in your case as you have become a crorepati after going to jail,” Chirag and Ketan claimed.

These allegations were levelled by Hardik’s close aides Chirag Patel and Ketan Patel who were co-accused in the sedition case, and had spent time in jail.

The two leaders wrote in a letter to Hardik, who is based in Udaipur, “The Patidar community had dreamt of OBC status a year ago. But, you have dashed those hopes completely.”

They further alleged, “You and your Vipul Kaka (Hardik’s relative) have been enjoying a lavish lifestyle in a bungalow and spending your community’s donations on being ferried in a luxurious car. This money was meant for the martyrs of our community, who had laid down their lives during the OBC quota agitation in August last year.”

Hardik countered the two PAAS leaders by claiming “PAAS is just a name. The agitation is of the community.”