What Happens When You Use Excessive Makeup Daily?


The clean dewy skin is every girl’s dream! And we’re no exception. That fresh look on your face, the youthful skin and that divine beauty, dewy skin is the only thing that could do the work. But then, it’s not so easy to achieve this kind of look. So lazy girls, tighten your seat belts. We are going to hit the principal vein!

Okay so to achieve this dewy look, there are certain things needed and let us broadly divide them into two things. The skincare and the makeup. We need to use them both to achieve that perfect glowing and radiant skin!

● Skin care
Like I said, the first step to achieve that naturally glowing skin is to have a healthy skin. Yes, and the key is exfoliation. Remove the dead skin cells and give your face a new look. However, don’t over-do this, as there is a chance of your skin getting dried up as you continuously strip them from their natural oils. There are some exfoliators that works wonders on your skin. You can choose them based on your skin type too!

● Stay fully hydrated

And the next thing is hydration. Yes, hydrate hydrate hydrate. Drink loads of water. Eat lots of berries, tomatoes, fruits with vitamin C, and go green. Cut out the unhealthy food! Exercise and sweat out. Push out those toxins out of your skin. You won’t believe what these things can do. Use homemade masks like honey and lemon, egg mask, use some face oils (no, they won’t clog your pores) and hydrate your skin. Use the hydrating packs and wash out the impurities by the end of the day. Use a sunscreen and moisturizer ( it’s a must!). Take good care of your skin and pamper it! Get those nourishing skin care products from the right brands for you and you don’t have to scout whole internet for that! 

● Make up
Makeup can do the trick. In fact, it does more than required. But then, you need to have a good base for that which again goes back to have an amazing skin. So prep your skin properly and it’s loads better if you keep a CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) routine. You will benefit overtime from it, delaying wrinkles and laugh lines in your late 30’s. And back to make up, if you have dry skin, don’t go for matte foundations. Instead, stick to creamy ones. They will do the job. And the beauties with oily skin, go with matte ones, as your skin naturally produces trucks of oil and going with creamy ones will make you look, erm, greasy (sorry!). This is after moisturizing, so choose the right foundation. Take a look at the foundations from various brands and decide which one suits you best! The next step is to apply powder. Very sparingly. Very less. Only to set the foundation. Applying more will just give you matte finish and that’s exactly the opposite of what we want.

Now let’s talk about those rosy cheeks. Yes, put on some creamy blush and blend it properly. Blending is the key. Then you are set to go. Wait, we forgot something! The highlighter. Yes. use a highlighter and a creamy or liquid one at that too. Also, make sure you are getting the right products otherwise it all will be colossal mess!

● The reality check

Yep. Wondering from where this point came up from? Let us tell you. All of us naturally crush (you know which type I’m talking about) over that model who has that amazing skin and cursing why we don’t have such skin (cuz, genes!) and then ending up disappointed. Nope. the models and the actresses you see will spend hours in their rooms with the artist working over them and they constantly touch up! And then they have cameras, photoshop. So don’t obsess over that thing you saw on a magazine cover but go with a more natural, relaxed look!
Mariam Abid @ Affimity