“I am going to kill you” – Sikh man gets racially abused in Bakersfield City


A Sikh man in the US state of California has claimed that he faced racial slur from a man who threatened to kill him, prompting the police to launch a probe into a possible hate incident.

Balmeet Singh and his friends were out for dinner in California Avenue. The incident happened when Singh went out of the restaurant to make a phone call.Singh said in the middle of his conversation a man walked out of a cafe and headed straight toward him.“The man said you’re trying to blow up this country, I should kill you. I’m going to kill you right now. And he used a lot of curse words and he seemed very angry,” Singh stated.

He yelled that he was a racist and was the problem. He continued to yell and then threw a drink at Singh, it said.“The drink got all over my destar, my turban, got all over my beard, you know my shirt, my jeans, got all over my phone,” Singh added.Singh said after that the man started to walk off towards the parking lot. Singh followed the man and was able to get his description, his vehicle’s description and a licence plate number, which he gave to the police. Singh said he never expected anything like that to happen in Bakersfield city.